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Hip Replacement Treatment

The hip joint is an extremely mobile joint and very susceptible to wear and tear. Pain in the hip when you are in resting position, difficulty in movement of the leg due to stiffness in the hip area are some of the symptoms that indicate that you are probably going to need a hip replacement surgery. Some people try to treat this problem using home remedies but in most cases, only hip replacement can bring you some relief.

The hip joint consists of a ball that fits into a socket. The femur bone has a head which needs to get fit into the socket perfectly. If the head doesn’t fit into the socket, then it may cause pain to the patient and the process to remove this problem is called hip replacement. Femoral head and acetabulum are replaced with artificial components. The femoral head is replaced with a ball like structure to fit in the acetabulum. The process is complex and requires extensive knowledge and practice.

Patients need long post-op care and their operated hip has to stay immobilized for more than a few days to ensure complete recovery of the joint. As soon as the cast is removed, the patient is encouraged to use the hip joint by assisted physiotherapy. Most patients are discharged as soon as they are able to walk using a crutch or a walker.