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In this 4G-paced lifestyle, we are always in a rush to get somewhere, to leave from somewhere, or to not miss out on something amazing, we think is there on the other side. We never slow down, really. We’ve forgotten to put ourselves on top of our priorities. The consequences to such hastening? We end up hurting ourselves. Out of sheer clumsiness or running late, we often stumble upon joint dislocations. A dislocation usually occurs when a bone slips out of a joint. For instance, the top of our arm bone fits well into a joint at our shoulder. But when it slips out of its respective joint, we have a dislocated shoulder. This above-mentioned is the most common joint dislocation. You can dislocate almost every part of your body, which includes your knee, ankle, hip, or shoulder.

Dislocating a joint plainly means that your bone is no longer where it was supposed to be. This is your body’s way of telling you to slow down a bit. Treat this as an emergency and seek medical consultation & treatment as soon as possible. If not paid enough attention on time, you could potentially cause long-sustaining injuries in your ligaments, nerves, or blood vessels. A joint dislocation might happen if you fall or experience a callous hit to the affected areas. If you dislocate any of your joints at the first place, chances are that it is more likely to dislocate again in the future. Children and older people are at a greater risk to face dislocations, especially if they lack mobility or are less able to prevent falls. The common symptoms are-

  • Swelling
  • Bruised area
  • Discoloration of the affected area
  • temporary loss of motion
  • Tingling feeling
  • Pain during movement
  • Numbness around the affected area
  • It may be a little baffling if the bone is dislocated or broken. Your doctor will examine the affected body part and will run some tests; prior to which he/she will be able to say something for sure. It is best to have an experienced doctor if you’re going for a fitting treatment.